Nutrition Tips


In this section we help you solve your problem in a healthy way and with very balanced food. 
Sensible eating habits and regular exercise will develop a body shape that is right for you. Over-weight, under-weight or anemic and vegetarian... you can reach your goal here in very professional ways and means that will be given to you. 
We give you a daily different food as no food group can provide all essential nutrients, so make a point to take the five food groups:
Bread and cereals, fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese products, meat and meat alternatives, fats and oils.

What we do is that we can raise or slow your metabolism throughout the balance full nutritioned menu (diet). Why is it that some people can eat as much as they like and not put on weight, while others seemingly only have to “look at food” and they gain weight?! The answer is that different people expend energy at different rates. That’s why we find someone who wants to lose weight while others are dying to gain some. It is not easy to help these people gain weight despite their feelings of lethargy, fatigue and loss of appetite, and in an athlete a reduction in performance.

A balanced eating program and good exercise cure you even from cholesterol, diabetics, and irregular blood pressure.


You want to lose weight without diet???! 
You have to follow these tips:

  • Eat moderately of predominantly living Foods and plant_baseed foods_avoid junk Foods.snack on healthy foods if you have To snack (fruits& raw vegetables)

  • Exercise for at least 15 minutes every day,Developing your own routine which can Include brisk walking,jogging,biking,
    Swimming,dancing,aerobics, yoga,
    Stretching, weight training.

    (you can contact me for help regarding your preferred Workout routine and nutrition).

  • Try not to eat after 9 pm your metabolism Slows down tremendously by the end of Your day thus making it hard to digest the Food at late hours before you go to bed..

  • Drink clean purified water everyday and if You have not already done so, switch to Fruit and vegetable drinks to help build your cells.

  • Get as much fresh air as possible its good
    For your lungs. if weather permits, enjoy the
    Sunlight as well.dont wear sunglasses all
    The time, your eyes needs the full spectrum
    Of the sun for full health.

  • Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
    We have hundreds of different fruits and
    Vegetables in the world.
    Each fruit and vegetable supplies a
    Vitamin which our body needs.


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