Diet Menu


  • Menu 1: Grilled steak with vegetable+ fattoush

  • Menu 2: cooked steak shreaded with mix vegetables+ rice & shaariyeh+mix Arabic salad.

  • Menu 4: kebbet bel saniyeh+ youghurt & cucumber+ big pieses Arabic mix salad+ brown bread.

  • Menu 5: mix grill(tawouk/kafta/pieces)+ mtabbal+ tabouli+brown bread.

  • Menu 6: rice with small meat & shredded grilled steak+ yugort+Arabic sald

  • Menu 7: roasto with potato puree & vegetables+ green salad.


  • Menu 8: grilled breast chicken with vegetables+ vitamin salad.

  • Menu 9: fahitta with sour cream+ special salad.

  • Menu 10: chicken with carry+ rice+ sinoise salad.

  • Menu 11: chicken with kezbara ala forno with vegetables+ tabbouli.

  • Menu 12 : grilled chicken(tikka style)+ tabbouli+ brown bread.

  • Menu 13: Rice & chicken+ malfouf & tomato salad.


  • Menu 14: baked fish with potato+ malfouf salad.

  • Menu 15: fish with karry sause+rice+ fattoush.

  • Menu 16: fish with red vegetables+ rice+ rucca salad.

  • Menu 17: grilled fish filet with vegetable+ baked potato+ rucca salad.

  • Menu 18: sayadiyeh fish+ rice+ rucca & mushroom salad.

  • Menu 19:tuna with nudles+broccoli soup+ baked potato+ brown toast.


  • Menu 20: grilled chicken breast with nudles & sauce+ ceaser salad.

  • Menu 21: spaghetti pomodooro baked with light cheese+ steamed mix vegetables salad+ 1 fruit.

  • Menu 22: spaghetti bolnese with shredded steak baked with light cheese+ ceaser salad.

  • Menu 23: fettuccine with chicken & mushroom+ Chinese salad.

  • Menu 24: grilled steak with nudles & tomato sauce+ lettuce & mix steamed salad.


  • Menu 25: diet vegetables pizza+ greeck salad.

  • Menu 26: diet grilled chicken pizza+ nudles salad


  • Menu 27: chicken sandwish+ baked French fries+ lettuce & tomato salad.

  • Menu 28: beef cheese burger+ baked wiges potato+ vitamin salad

  • Menu 29: beef sandwish+ baked potato+ mix salad.


  • Menu 30: freecke+ corn soupe+ yugort & cucumber+ fattouch.

  • Menu 31: Chinese nudels with vegetables +vitamine salad.

  • Menu 32: Chinese rice with mix vegetabeles+ ceaser chicken salad.

  • Menu 33: hendbeh with citron+ baked potato+ brown bread+ fattouch.

  • Menu 34: mdardara+ yogurt & cucumber+ grilled wiges potato+ malfouf salad+ brown bread.

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