Factor F

FACTOR F – the Radical Functional Training program

Factor F offers 2 very simple and intense training strategies in a 30-minute format, to cater your clients with a proposal which adapts to modern hectic lifestyles while offering real and fast results in terms of physical conditioning, fat burning and muscle toning.

The functional training program imitates real physical movements used in everyday life, at work and in sports, and this is why demand by the general public is so high these days.

Factor F offers two strategies. The first one is the Suspension Straps strategy. The straps make it possible to work the body in all three planes using its weight as resistance. The work feeling is amazing and the exercises are easy and fun. Once you try this class, it becomes an addiction and the results are seen in less than a month.

The second Factor F strategy is the Circuit approach. It combines simple exercises using props or just the body weight. Different muscle groups are involved at the same time, which results in a considerable metabolic increase and improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity. It's an effective, dynamic and fast strategy.


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