Aline Fitness Club’s main mission is to achieve clients’ satisfaction through the healthy family atmosphere that our staff work hard to offer, and by accomplishing each member’s goals before leaving the center.

We are well-known in helping people from both genders and different ages to loose weight without any side effects. In addition, our center is well-equipped with the latest systems such as the Sight & Sound System. 

Our members can also enjoy their time at the center by watching the TVs that are found all around the place and relax in the comfortable atmosphere and the beautiful design and colors of the place, in addition to socializing with our friendly staff, instructors and other members.

Moreover, we give special care to the ladies’ beauty and give them the attention they need to relax after a long working day. Our wet area is a place to sooth you before calming down with a professional massage. We also choose the latest technologies and equipments for weight loss and body toning and tightening all the time. Ladies can benefit from these services and facilities whenever they want and at their own leisure. 
The establishment of this center is a result of a modest idea behind a
 great dream. With a confident and fresh youth spirit, the center developed by time from a small one to an exclusive place that is well-equipped with all the facilities and machines that suit our members’ needs and comfort. In addition, an experienced well-trained instructors gives special attention to every member by starting to take the sizes to know the program that suits every body and follow up on it.

One visit to our center is enough to prove that our valuable services satisfy your needs and are up to your expectations.

Aline Al nashef




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